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Conambula Resources Group Pty Ltd

Quarriers and Miners of High Quality Sand, Decorative Stone,  Gold and Other Rare Australian Minerals. Council Extraction Permit No. 175-09 – ML 100132

Quarry Site Permit

Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd has held a Sand & Stone Extraction Permit since 2011.

Equipment Maintenance

We operate and maintain heavy equipment to extract material from our Quaary site. 

Quarry Extraction

Our Extraction Permit provides for us to quarry Sand and Stone for 54 years to 2065.

Construction Use

Our Sand is of the highest quality and well suited to heavy construction use.

Building Industry

Quality sand is in short supply in the Queensland Building Industry boom. 

Roads & Highways

Our Sales Team are in discussion to supply State Government highway upgrades.


Longstanding Quarry Extraction Permit

Our Sand & Stone Extraction Permit was issued by the North Burnett Shire Council No. 175-09


High Quality Sand

Between 2017 to 2020 we undertook sample testing for quality control puirposes prior to marketing.


Coloured Decorative Stone

Decorative Stone is in high demand for the domest Landscaping Industry – we have good supply.

Sand and Decorative Stone


The grade and quality of particle sizes of our Coonanbula Quarry Sand have two target markets, domestic and international.  We have correspondents ready to enter supply agreements as flows of sand from our Quarry reach SE Queensland and Singapore.

Decorative Stone

The Stone deposit is basically reef formation with a weakly bonded mixture of sand and quartzite decorative stone. The stone is a high grade of various sizes and colours. Once the stone is graded, there is a domestic and international market of it.

Learn About Our Gold Mining

We’ve Been Quarrying Coonambula Since 2011

We commenced a Queensland Australia Sand & Stone Quarry exploration in 2009.  With our Extraction Permit No. 175-09 approved in 2011, we set about our laboratory, bulk sampling, technical and marketing activities to establish material status of the Sand and Stone on site and markets for these products. In 2016, we set up a manned Quarry Site on a remote property at Coonambula in the North Burnett Shire, south east Queensland. With the extraction and stockpiling of Sand and Stone, we effected the change to the material use of our permitted Quarry. Our Qurray Permit, issued by Local Government, provides our lawful access the Coonambula property in agreement with the Landowner and others, and that we have access to Sand and Stone product for a period of 54 years to 2065. We have a significant material to be extracted that we believe that this project will provide significant support to the construction and housing industries in Queensland and elsewhere in the forseeable years to come.

Our Management Team

“Brian is a Founding Director with 25 years in mining and as many with the Coonambula Quarry. He maintains the complex relationships  with our many international and domestic customers and investors”

Brian J. SMITH

“Gregory hails from our larger parent shareholder company Hop2it Australasia and brings governance, financial, and management  oversight to our many commercial contracts and agreements.”

Gregory P.E. HANNAN

“Paul is a highly qualified open licensed builder and project manager.  Independently he owns an  asset mapping, financial feasibility projection business and is our Quarry & Mine Director”


Quarrying Equipment Types We Utilise

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