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Sand Quarrying

Sand is among the most used materials in construction, with its usage often determining the strength and durability of the resulting strusture.

Building Construction

Our Queensland Sand and Stone supply  business supports the regional Housing Industry, for the building and development of quality housing for an increasing State population.

Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd concentrates on the construction industry which is one of the largest industries in the world, and sand is a major contributor in everything to do with construction materials. More than 50 billion tonnes of sand is used in construction globally, annually.

We are aware that Sand can be easily compressed and, in some cases, can be very malleable. This is the perfect ingredient for creating building components and foundations.

  • Plaster sand
  • Building sand
  • Crushed stone
  • River sand
  • Bulk filling sand

Our Permit provides for our lawful extraction of millions of tonnes of Coonambula Building Sand and Decorative Stone for landscaping and other uses.


Sharp Sand (which has larger grains) is used for concreting or laying paving slabs and Soft Sand is used for bricklaying, etc. It is also possible to buy mixed aggregate containing both coarse and fine aggregates. We hold a current Permit No. 175-09 issued in 2011 by the North Burnett Shire Council to extract Sand and Stone from the Qurry we cally Coonambula residing on a Cattle Station of that name.

Sand is essentially made from rocks that have been broken up and eroded over time and ground down to form much smaller particles. One of the primary ingredients of sand is silica. This is a naturally occurring material that is found in nearly a quarter of the Earth’s crust.

We have spent considerable time and millions of dollars researching and developing an environmental plan which includes our reclaimation of quarry land and Carbon (CO2) Sequatration.

Our Sand Testing

We have established the importance of high quality Sand to the Construction Industry. There are a number of type of Sand for Builders to chose from for project requirements and we have and continue to conduct testing of our Quarry Sand for the domestic and internaional markets we have identified:-

 To detect impurities in the Sand, we have conducted testing with caustic soda or sodium hydroxide.

To detect Clay, which will affect the Sands binding properties, we place the sand in transparent testing jars and the container is shaked and allowed to settle. A distrinct layer will form atop the sand if clay is present.

To detect Salt, we use the age old “human taste test”. A high salt content may have long-term building issues.

“We have taken every precaution through our sampling and testing to ensure the highest possible quality of the extracted material we quarry from our permitted land at Coonambula.”

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Related Uses For Our Extracted Products

How Do We Quarry Sand

We have spend some years in preparation of utilizing our heavy equipment to extract thousands of tones of sand to the domestic and international markets. We are permitted to quarry by local government.

What Are Our Markets

The Australian domestic construction and landscaping industries are by far our biggest markets. We have received strong demand from countries such as Singapore that have had to resort to manufactured sand.

Building & Construction

Without Sand, the construction Industry would have severe shortcomings in the ability to build homes and commercial structures. Sand forms a base for many building products, primarily, cement, mortar and concrete.


The source of quarried building materials is of high interest to professional construction engineers. We have provided a number of frequently asked questions from our domesting and international customers.

What is the importance of high quality sand?

The importance of high quality sand for construction can number underestimated. Builders require confidence that the base sand they use for the manufacture of cement, mortar for plaster and joining bricks anbd stone. Sand is used with course aggregate and cement to create concrete. Builders use sand together with lime or cement to make screed for flooring.

Is Decrotive Stone Salable?

With the explosion of home building acorss Australia, Decorative Stone is highly sort after by Landscapers as an element of post building landscaping. Decorative Stone can be seen in most Nurseries and Landscaping supply yards and is sold in kilogram to by the tonne quantities.

Who buys the Coonambula Sand?

There are two (2) distinct markets for Coonambula Sand. (1) the Australian Domestic Market and, (2) The International Market.

Can the Sand be sold overseas?

The short answer is Yes! There is a global shortage of high quality sand. This base ingredient is used to make a number of building materials, without which the construction industry would not function. Through our marketing undertakings between 2016 and 2020, we identified and contacted a number of international prospective Customers in countries such as Singapore. These countries, have all but run out of sand nad have been forced to recover sand from the sea and coral reefs or manufacture sand from quarrying rock (manufactured sand). We have a bright future in the sale of Coonambula Sand to overseas Customers from 2022 on.

How much many years of Sand extraction exist?

Our company Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd and its subsidaries, hold and manage a Local Government issued Extraction Permit No. 175-09 which was issued to us for a 54 year period. In support of this we have a Landholders Agreement to extract and transport the material from the quarry for a minimum of 350,000 tonnes which can be expanded when we reach that number.

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