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Mineral Gold Mining & Extraction License ML 100132

Alluvial Gold

Alluvial Gold” refers to the type of gold dust found in that kind of soil or sand.

Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd ACN: 607 591 168 (“CRG”) is a holding company for a group of companies formed to extract sand and gravel, precious minerals (“the Resource”) from Permitted and Licensed land for this purpose. Under our Mining License ML100132, stone we have a mineral resource project made up of a paleo glacial till (or channel) located on the “Cheltenham Station” Cheltenham Road, Eidsvold 4627 Queensland (“the Project). This is about 25 kms east of Eidsvold in Wide Bay Burnett Region, Queensland

Our Gold Project site is situated in a horticulturally developed area of  Queensland and has attributes sufficient to operate as long term stone products extraction project with associated low yield high volume mineral processing and alluvial gold recovery. When we commence our operations in 2023, we will extract alluvial material for processing. No hard rock and no underground mining will occur as we understand at this time in the projects history.

Our Gold Mining Project will operate on an initial site of approximately 7.5 sq. kms with an average depth of 10 metres to around 12 metres across an area of 600 acres. The Alluvial Gold resource will require specialised extraction technology to minimise water use which is scarce on our tenement.

The material from which we intend to extract alluvial Gold is made up of various types and grades of sand, clay, stone and minerals, including some veins of rare decorative gravels which our company extracts from a neighbouring property, “The Coonambula Station” under a separate Extractive Industries Permit. Our Mining License covers approximately 220 hectares of land and we estimate there is over 200,000,000 cubic metres of treatable material from which we may be able to potentially extract Gold.

Although we operate a Mining Lease, our primary business is Sand, Gravel and Stone of which we have estimated that the quantity and quality of sand and gravel present under our Extractive Industries Permit 175-09 is expected to support a potential minimum 60 years to 80 years of CRG extractive operations. For this reason we have taken small steps in our venture into Alluvial Gold extraction on the Cheltenham Station.

For many reasons, we do not expect earthshaking results from our Mining Lease ML100132 as we have a number of conflicting historical mining reports making our explorative excursion on our Gold Mining site, purely speculative at this point in time. From preliminary reports and some historic sampling, minerals there could see an extraction rate ranging between 0.25 gpt to 0.9 gpt for anticipated gold recovery from the initial area of 220 ha. The estimate is that all up more than 220 million tonnes of mineral bearing resource may be available.

Gold was discovered in the area of the Site in 1888. The presence of gold in the alluvial deposits of the glacial till have been identified by BRI and CRH and the records relate to the identical sand and gravel structures worked by the then traditional mining methods until the water table was encountered. The first gold production recorded from the Hungry Hill Creek McKonkeys Creek area was in 1889.

The CRG Group has an exclusive planning permit and extraction rights to exploit the Alluvial Gold resource on our Mining Lease ML100132 and develop the extraction project via a number of subsidary trading companies: –

Coonambula Sand & Gravel Pty Ltd ACN: 607 615 467 (“CSG”) to extract and process sand and gravel from the Site; and

Coonambula Gold Pty Ltd ACN: 607 616 311 (“CG”) our opportunity to use our trading company to extract primarily alluvial gold from the ML100132 alluvial gold Site.

Using existing well known micro-gold extraction mining techniques in conjunction with our consultant’s expert in this technique and equipment, CRG has been provided with estimates that could show a gold recovery rate range of between 0.25 gpt to 0.9 gpt. Of course we need to ratify this by actual extraction which we plan to undertake from Q2-2023.

An extensive portion of the project’s channel lays in an unsorted profile with uneven distribution of gravels in any sensible stratigraphical order which will be addressed in the extraction techniques to be employed by CRG. The gold process requires a feed of low micron size sand to treat for mineral. We plan that the feed is to be obtained by sand and gravel extraction techniques already utilised in our nearby permitted Quarry. Accordingly, the gold extraction operation of CG, our alluvial Gold project on the Cheltenham Station is a supplement to the otherwise profitable sand and gravel operations of CRG on the neighbouring Coonambula Station.

The ‘gold ‘resource is substantially in a glacial till in the form of alluvial deposits. Our Mining Lease forms part of this tertiary glacial till deposit and the recoverable material is contained within paleo channels of alluvial sand, gravel and conglomerate with gravel beds of old alluvium and minor alluvial deposits. The tertiary glacial till deposit is composed of boulder gravel beds and the sands associated with the gravel beds.

An essential feature of the symbiotic relationship in this project group is that a waste product, i.e. the fine sand as a by-product of the washing and screening process of the sand and gravel contains almost all of the mineral bearing material, and this material is available for treatment for gold. At present our gold project under Lease ML100132 is purely speculative as we see many conflicting reports dating back over many years by a number of mining companies.

Extraction Resource Profile:      GOLD ML 100132

An extensive portion of our ML100132 alluvial gold project on the Cheltenham Station lays in an unsorted profile with uneven distribution of gravels in any sensible stratigraphical order which will be addressed in the extraction techniques to be employed by CRG. The Site is in a well settled area with attractive local conditions, a limited water supply, which is easily worked with the following characteristics:

  • Climate
  • Vegetation
  • Topography
  • Land use
  • Water Supply

The alluvial gold ore is planned to be extracted by excavators with haulage trucks transporting product to a static production site where dry screening and lite washing  for the Gold recovery, then destined for industrial and commercial sales is planned to commence in Q2-2023.

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ML 100132 Gold Extraction Project

Gold Panning Samples On Site

The alluvial Gold onsite ML100132 is very fine and therefore, we have taken many samples for extraction technology testing purposes.

ML100132 Mining License

Our CRG company operates Gold Mining License ML100132 on the Cheltenham Station property in the North Burnett Shire Queensland, Australia

Building & Construction

We are in the process or preparing a JORC Comparison Report on pass through sampling on our Mining Licensed site opposite our Sand, Stone and Gravel Quarry.


We have prepared a number of Questions and Answers frequently asked by our Customers and other we work with in relation to our Mining License and work to date.

Are we licensed to mine Gold?

Yes! we are the holders of Mining License ML 100132 issued to our company by the Mining Department in Queensland.

Do we have a Gold Mine?
Yes! our Mining License stipulates and sets out an area that we have applied for in the ML 100132 mining application and upgrade from EPM.
How will be extract Gold from our licensed Tenement/s?
We have been preparing to resume our gold mining activities in the 2nd quarter 2023 after a three  years halt from activity because of Covid 19. We have heavy earth moving equipment, drill rigs and gold extraction equipment on the ready.
Where will we sell the Gold we extract?
Any Gold extracted will be either sold or converted to ingots and then sold or stored with companies such as PMT on the Gold Coast, The Vault or Queensland Reserve Vault.
Do we expect to make big profits from Gold?
Like all Gold Miners that have bona fie mining licenses for exploration and extraction of Gold, we are always looking at the “glass half full”. We are confident in our due diligence and study of historic geological reports to date. Therefore, we are confident of locating and being able to extract micro-fine gold from the alluvial sands on the 220ha leased site on the Cheltenham Station.

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