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About Our Quarry      & Mining Company

We operate a Extractive Industries Sand and Stone Quarry, Permit No. 175-09, over a property in the North Burnett Shire. On an adjacent property we are the lawful holders of Mining License, ML 100132 issued in October 2018 over 220.9 hectares for the purposes of Gold and mineral extraction.

What We Do

Sand Quarry

We operate a local Council permitted Sand & Decorative Stone Quarry that adds value to the Queenaland building industry

Decorative Stone

We have a significant supply of  multi coloured decorative Stone for landscaping use.

Gold Mining

Our management have longstanding experience in the Gold Mining industry. Our Mining License provides us with Gold extraction opportunities.

About Coonambula Resources Group

Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd (“CRG”) ABN 51 607 591 168 changed the material use of our Permit in 2015. This process locked in our Extractive Industries Permit for a period of 30 years and allows for us to extract up to 350,000 tonnes of material per annum.

We are a Group of companies that are configured to undertake the extraction of high quality building and construction Sand Brickies Loam and Decorative Stone for the Queensland domestic housing and commercial building industry. We have inquiries from international Offtakers in neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia where sand and building products are scarce. We have through 2022 undertaken significant marketing and we anticipate “at the gate” sales commencing in Q1-2023.

Importantly, we have an abundance of Decorative Stone in various sizes to be screened. This product retails in landscaping outlets for as much as AUD$900.00 per tonne or close to a $1.00 per kilo. We have projected strong sales from the various building and construction sub products we have available to us.

Coonambula Sand & Gravel Pty Ltd; Cheltenham Stone Pty Ltd; Coonambula Gold Pty Ltd and Riverstone Resources Pty Ltd are companies making up the CRG Group and each play a part in our permitted Quarrying and licensed Gold and mineral extraction projects.

Our Board and management team is made up of qualified and experienced professionals with many years’ experience in the Corporate Governance, Surveying and heavy industry vehicle operation within the Mining and Extractive Industries.

In the fourth quarter (Q4) 2021, we undertook a and completed a merger and invited new investment from interested parties close to this industry. with this step, we recovered from the two (2) years of Covid 19 which had effects on businesses world-wide.

Through 2022 we have defended our Permit against mining interests wishing to layer their Mining Licenses over our “going concern” business. In parallel we introduced back onsite heavy equipment and have stockpiled some 150,000 tonnes of material awaiting sale to Offtakers between Bundaberg and the Gold Coast in South East Queensland.

Only the Best for Construction


High Quality Building & Construction Sand

The Building Industry requires two types of sand., Concrete Sand and Building Sand. We can supply both.


Concrete Sand

Also known as ‘grit sand’ or ‘concrete sand’, washed sharp sand is more coarser and has larger particles than other construction or builders’ sands. 


Builders Sand

Builder’s Sand, consists of finer grains. Having a larger grain size than other types of sand means Concrete Sand is slightly heavier.

Years Established

Tonnes Extracted

Quarry & Field Workers

Management & Office Staff

“Sand is widely used in construction, often providing strength, bulk and stability to materials like concrete, mortar, asphalt and cement. Not all Sand is the same as some have rocks and impurities that make them less resistant and stable for use in building and construction.”

Ray Francis – Quarry Site Manager

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